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bleach,naruto,dmmd,harry potter.....

bleach,naruto,dmmd,harry potter.....

Bleach,Naruto,Dramatical Murder,death note,harry potter...
arnpora asked: hi there, i noticed that you posted art that isn't yours! please remember that you shouldn't post art that you didn't draw because it isn't yours to share. i think the artist would really appreciate it if you deleted your post here: blodu56. tumblr. com/post/81302653943 (remove spaces) and reblogged their post here: mi-ttttu. tumblr. com/post/35795147737 (remove spaces) because reblogging from the artist supports them a lot more than your repost does. thanks, i hope you understand!


Oh Ok I’m so sorry!!! :(

I know I have to write where I find this picture and I take them without lokking at is author!

I will do that now,and sorry! :(

But,I don’t try to steal it,but,what could I take? I don’t know how to draw! x)

And sorry again!

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